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Welcome to the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church! of San Antonio, TX. Thanks for visiting our website. In 2022, we are “Moving Higher in Service and Praise.” Our desire is to make a transformative impact upon our community and the kingdom of God; having come through an awful global pandemic and having endured racial, cultural, and civic divisiveness.. We invite you to come share the joy of the Lord with us. While we still have many challenges to face going forward, we boldly assert that with God as our guide, and with the strength He provides, we will come through this. We are indeed expecting greater things after this!

I invite you to share with the Antioch Baptist Church in 2022, either in person or through virtual means, as we continue to stand as a beacon for Christ on this corner of the Kingdom. We worship continually on Sunday mornings at 10am, Wednesday afternoons at 12 noon, Wednesday nights at 6pm, and during special programs. We gather continually in Church School, in small groups, and on special occasions. We come together in the sanctuary or via electronic means as we support one another through prayer and fellowship.

You can always find us at 1001 North Walters, San Antonio, TX 78202 or on Facebook or YouTube.
We invite you to be a part of our family. As you peruse these pages on our web page, get familiar with who we are and what we do. Moreover, please know that we boldly assert that we are the church Preparing, Prevailing, and Praising while Standing on the Promise of God. Join us as we celebrate the goodness of God with passion, commitment, and steadfastness.
Bless you and hope to worship with you soon!

May God bless you and keep you.
Rev. Dr Kenneth R. Kemp
Senior Pastor – Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

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